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Daffodil Foundation is to promote policies and undertake initiatives, which lead to the improvement of the quality of life of the people and that of future generations of Bangladesh.

About the Project

ICT FOR GENERATION is a scholarship project of which has been brought in association with Daffodil Foundation. The objective of this project is to train the young generations, professionals and retired personnel with different ICT Skills which have demand in outsourcing world. So that, these three part of our population can ensure their contribution in national academy. The mission is to give the society a skilled and expert IT generation.

Why this Initiative

Already Bangladesh is a potential name in ICT and General Outsourcing Freelancing. Bangladesh is named as the top 3rd country in ICT Freelancing and we are yet to get its highest advantages. Unless Bangladesh achieves this goal of developing required manpower at a brisk pace, its positional advantage that it has over other countries like India in terms of infrastructure and other resources shall be lost.

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